Resistance, in more ways than one. [also, Suja advice wanted!]

Tonight I went to my fav barre [cue resistance pun 1] class, this instructor is NO joke. I absolutely love the aftermath of a class w/ her but during the class, not so much.
After a Barre class I always treat myself to a Kombucha. I lovee nourishing my body and these babies do just the trick : )) [and its better than treating my EXTREMELY fatigued muscles to sugar] I’m glad I did too because I came home and my mom had ordered Chinese food……..[cue sudden urges and little self-constraint] but not so fast! I opted out and had a delicious Boca burger w/ avocado and laughing cow cheese on top! YUM.
PS I’m hearing soo much about Suja juices….I WANT them. But, I live in MN so not sure where to find them! HELP!!




14 thoughts on “Resistance, in more ways than one. [also, Suja advice wanted!]

    • I know there is a BarreAmped studio in the Twin Cities, I am not sure where exactly though. I go to the Barre class at my Life Time! It is in the yoga studio [so it is heated and there is a ballet barre]. I am not sure what Life Times have Barre classes, but I know the Lakeville one does :) You should try it if you can, so awesome!

  1. Funny, I treat myself to coconut water after hot yoga to replenish the electrolytes. It’s interesting how people set up small rewards, I know it helps me to keep my resolutions. I like your blog, it’s funny and straightforward…looking forward to future posts. Have a good weekend.

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