Barre & the Bachelor!

After work today, I caught up on the Bachelor & snacked on some pomegranate seeds! Now time for some Barre class to tone me up this wonderful Tuesday! Any one else watch the Bachelor?! Or love Barre as much as I do? :)




Time-saver smoothie tip & sugar alcohol.

If you’re anything like me, mornings are a bit rushed. I like everything in my life to be completely in order & night times are my time to get everything organized for the next day.  One easy trick is getting my smoothie prepared for the next day.  Then, in the morning all I do is put it on the blender and it’s ready for the car ride!

[Monday nights smoothie: kale, blueberries, coconut water, chobani, pineapple, & some avocado.]
[Last night’s smoothie: pom seeds, kale, mixed frozen berries, coconut water.]

I’m also loving these ThinkThin bars. They are FULL of protein, barely any sugar, & taste delicious.


They DO contain sugar alcohol, instead of sugar, so I made sure to research about sugar alcohol before trusting the label. Here is what I found:

Sugar alcohol gets its name because of its molecular structure, which is a hybrid between a sugar molecule and an alcohol molecule. Biochemically speaking, sugar alcohols are structurally similar to sugar but are either poorly digested (e.g., maltitol), or poorly metabolized (e.g., erythritol).

 The downside of maltitol is its poor absorption. In high doses, it will cause a laxative effect (i.e., diarrhea). This isn’t a concern in protein bars with less than 20 grams, but down a couple of the bars with over 20 grams and you might spend the afternoon in the restroom; fortunately, most companies are listing sugar alcohols directly on the label.

 Furthermore, if you’re watching your weight, take comfort in the fact that maltitol causes minimal insulin secretion. This is important for maintaining blood sugar, which is a significant factor in controlling your body’s hunger.



Thinsday Thursday!

Hope you are all having a fab morning! I started my morning off with some yoga (my students will appreciate my relaxed demeanor) and now am at my desk, drinking my morning coffee!


If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE to plan & making my lunches the night before, is no exception. This is a boca burger w/ avocado on top, on a bed of spinach, a whole-grain bun & laughing cow cheese, and rasp/dark choco Chobani yogurt.  YUM.



Quote I am LOVING right now. & me this am after yoga, freeeeezing here in MN.


Hope you all have a HEALTHY/thin Thursday.

Balanced lunches!

I am obsessed w/ having everything planned out.  Lunch, is no exception. Everyday I eat lunch in the teachers lounge & I am definitely hungry by this time. I start my morning off with some coffee & a smoothie (usually fruit, spinach or kale, coconut milk, plain chobani, & always some other add-ins).

Here is a typical lunch for me:


[boca burger, lettuce, laughing, multi-grain bun, coffee chobani w/ dark choco chips]


[Treated myself w/ a sugar-free hazelnut latte w/ skim milk]

What do you all eat for lunch?! I need some variations. :))

Get your greeeeens!

Mmm feeling extra green today. Kale/fruit smoothie for breakfast, brussel sprouts for one of my snacks, big salad for dinner.
Now I lay here reading some of my favorite blogs, as I recover from Barre class tonight, catch up on the Bachelor, & eat a mango for dessert.
I also added a pic of me in my favorite green blouse that I wore today :)





Thirsty Tuesday

As some of you know, I gave up alcohol for the month of January (& desserts besides dark chocolate). It actually has been kind of easy, so far, especially w/ the help of these drinks:
-My tea collection.
-Dark chocolate cocoa & sugar-free whipped cream.
-At happy hour, the other day, I had soda water w/ an orange slice (to mock my favorite cocktail, Stoli O & soda).



How are you all sticking to your resolutions?