About Maggie.


I am 22 and on the search to be in the best health I can be. I am currently transitioning out of college and into the classroom, as a high school Biology teacher. I LOVE reading blogs about health, fitness, fashion, and life. (Which I hope all comes across in my blog.)

I suppose this blog, more so, gives me purpose while I am curled up in bed each night, with holiday-themed candles burning, and drinking tea (or wine!).

Favorite things: holiday themed things, cardio, endorphins, hot yoga, barre, candles, honey, lemon wedges in my water, green tea, black coffee, RED WINE, being outside, reading about health, science, gold jewelry, burgundy, & beige.


[Twitter: 31maggiemae]

[Email: 212mmorse@gmail.com]

[Instagram: maggiemmorse]



17 thoughts on “About Maggie.

  1. It looks like to you have the start of a great blog here! :) I, too, am passionate about health & fitness, and use blogging as a reprieve from school. And I wouldn’t get anything done without lists! I hope you keep writing!

  2. Your new blog looks awesome! I have a couple months under my belt but it gets more fun and exciting as you meet and connect with more and more people ! check out my beauty blog at BlendTousleTease.com ! I look forward to reading more of yours !!

    KK :)

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