Choose health.

Choose health.


Rule number 1: BE prepared.

Not only will I share my number one piece of advice, I am asking for your input too!

  • I think the number one rule of weight loss & being healthy, is being prepared and well-equiped. It is soo crucial for all aspects of your life to match up to your goals, which means being primed.
  • I always have my gym bag full with shower stuff, tennis shoes, sanitary wipes etc. AND especially a healthy snack.  Not only is my gym bag stocked with healthy snacks, my backpack, and my purse are all stocked as well.  If your backpack, purse, etc. has an apple in it and you become starving in between classes you don’t have to go to the vending machine or worse, stay hungry!
  • I keep fruit & healthy choices STOCKED because when I am sitting here blogging or watching TV, I am like everyone else who gets the munchies.  Therefore, if I were to look in the cupboard and my options were chips, or other delicious junk food, I would totally go for that.  Instead, I keep fruit and veggies & that is it (besides chobani plain, and other little things like that). If I have nothing else to choose from, that is what I will eat.

Also in the picture below, it shows a little bowl of apples and an orange, on my desk.  (Not pictured are a bunch of bananas below that on the desk).  If I am running late or in a hurry and am going to be hungry in class, or something, I will grab an apple and eat it on the way. SO EASY.

  • Besides being prepared foodwise, I am prepared with some at home workout gear (pictured below is my little make-shift gym) for those days that it is pouring rain or freezing or I just don’t want to leave the house.  I have a yoga DVD and another workout DVD but I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to the Tone It Up, youtube channel.  So many great, easy, workouts.

& one more way I love to be prepared is reading blogs and following blogs. I absolutely love reading through various health & fitness blogs.

Few more tips on being prepared:

  • If you’re going out to eat or to a party or anything where there will be temptations, eat very healthy and light prior to that AND make sure to get a good workout in.  You will feel 10x better letting yourself indulge in some hour dourves or having one too many drinks.
  • Keep inspirational pictures around.  On your phone, on your corkboard, etc. (Below the back of my old workout journal that I ripped out and put up next to my mirror.)
  • Keep water by you at ALL times. Everywhere you are, have a glass of water, a bottle of water, etc. around you.
  • PLAN your workouts out. I have a Lifetime membership and at the beginning of the week. I look through the schedule and plan what classes I will go to (Hot Yoga & Barre are absolute musts). And fill the rest of the days in with cardio.
  • Download an APP on your phone. MyFitnessPal is my favorite. Also great to know if you have a little wiggle room to indulge.

How do you all prepare?! I’d love to hear more secrets!!


[My little desk in my apartment, hard to avoid these & note the green tea right where I can see it.]


[Headphones, water bottle, workout clothes. Found on Tumblr]


[I know I posted this yesterday but it applies to this post as well!]


[Marisa Miller’s abs….will make you think twice about that donut]


[My little pumpkins…not applicable to this post but I don’t want to get rid of them yet!]

1/2 week update. Keep calm & keep going.

Whether this is your first week, fourth week, 18th week, etc. Check in today and gather some mental strength to KEEP going strong. Week 1,4,18,etc. is 1/2 way done, so make today count.  Make it an EXCEPTIONAL Wednesday.

I feel like this week is going incredibly slow.  Maybe because it is the week following a holiday, or maybe it’s the colder weather. (OR the anticipation for the semester to be ending.) For those of you who don’t know, I have two weeks left of my college career and then will start teaching in a Biology classroom starting in January. To say I’m excited, is an incredible understatement.

I am not a huge fan of Wednesdays, actually I think they are my LEAST favorite day of the week.

But, I will try and make the best of this day and be as productive as possible.  I just brewed some coffee and am enjoying it as we speak. We were out yesterday, which was almost unbearable to sit through classes ALL day with none.

I plan on doing some yoga here in my apartment because it is too cold to leave :) PLUS I have no reason to leave the house till 430, when I volunteer for two hours at Kids First.

So, now I will enjoy my coffee, clean, do yoga, blog, etc. until 3ish when I go get an hour of cardio in before volunteering at 430.  Tonight I will be bowling with friends, therefore, it is CRUCIAL I get that hour of cardio in at 3 because I know that a beer or two always accompanies bowling (which it should).

[LOVE my bumble and bumble sea spray. It is a crucial part to my “beauty routine” and of course a Kale smoothie]

[Breakfast: plain Chobani, Flaxseed, 1 truvia packet, and some pumpkin spice]

[Remember, if you love coffee (like me) but you can’t drink it black, use 1% milk or soy or almond and DO NOT use flavored creamers. Make your own. Pumpkin spice and Truvia are my favorite when I need some flavor]


Portion Control.

I know we have all heard “you can eat anything in moderation”, or just the opposite telling us to eat clean.  I like to go with the latter on this debate and eat clean, most of the time.  If I am not eating clean, then I try to make sure I am eating that indulgence in moderation.  I tend to eat 75% clean and 25% moderating other foods.

Below is a picture of omelettes I made with my boyfriend this weekend. (He is 6’2 and I am about 5’5).  It is easy to let yourself slack when you are with people who do not have the same goals as you, especially when they are going for their third slice of pizza but I think it is important to not limit ourselves, but just always make sure that you are moderating how much you are putting into your body.  If you want another cocktail, pass on another slice of pizza.

Any tips you guys suggest for controlling your portions?! 



This morning, while drinking coffee & resting after my morning Barre class, I decided to dedicate a post to something that got me through my (EARLY) Monday workout.

I’m talking about that point in your run, walk, yoga session, weight lift session, step class, etc. where you go from “this is never going to end” (usually goes from 0 min to 20 min for me) & then your body (or mind) just starts moving by itself and it feels so good!

I look at the clock and realize I have gone 22 min and I’m warmed up & my body is releasing happy hormones. I feel like I could go forever!

Do you all know what I’m talking about?! When does it usually happen for you? 

How did you all start you week?!


Well, it’s Sunday after Thanksgiving week.  Which means all it times to come to terms with the fact that the holiday is over and it is time to get back to reality for a few weeks before Christmas ;). I definitely eat healthy and try to stick to a routine but know that life is short and I also enjoy indulging in drinks & “unhealthy” foods here and there.

I am a HUGE cupcake fanatic, and ate about 1-2 a day this holiday… I bake cupcakes for all occasions and will be posting some of my recipes following this post (ex. Blue Moon cupcakes for a guy friends birthday & champagne cupcakes for a going away party).

Now it is time to get my body back on track.

This morning I had a skinny hazelnut latte (skim milk & sugar free hazelnut syrup) and a banana.


for lunch 1 (12ish) & lunch 2 (3ish) I had Kale smoothies. Kale smoothies are great for detoxing and cleansing your system. Not to mention all of the other AMAZING health benefits they pack.  And then I went and dragged my bum to Lifetime & did 45 min of cardio.


1 banana

A bunch of kale

1 cup of pineapple

2 cups of water

2 scoops on plain Chobani

1 Truvia packet

[Detox tea, kale smoothie.]



After Barre.

Tonight I posted that I would be trying my first Barre class & I would post the results.  I did an hour of Hot Yoga prior to this class, so I was a warmed up but also a little tired from that.  I thought I would be out of place, never having dance experience, but I didn’t feel at all and it was quite enjoyable to utilize the barre in this class (I felt very ballerina-ish!!).

Now as far as the effectiveness……let’s just say that I was shaking during this class, the whole class was groaning and feeling the burn together! I couldn’t believe how much my muscles were getting worked but it definitely is do-able for beginners.  As long as you’re willing to work.  I am already feeling sore and I usually am a “two-day” after kind of sore. I will definitely be doing this again MANY TIMES (if I recover).

Here a few pictures (all of which I got off the internet) but they are very similar to how my class looked tonight.

[The Barre]

[The Barre class I was in implemented a lot of different balls, which were awesome in supporting technique]

Stepping up to the Barre.

Hello fellow bloggers.  I have been hearing nothing about amazing things about the Barre method for working out.  I have never tried it and have NO experience dancing (besides by myself, when no one is home). But, I am up for any challenge and if this is truly as amazing as everyone says, I think it’ll be worth the embarrassment.

I am going to Hot Yoga at 4:30 tonight to loosen up and get my poor muscles warmed up before trying out this Barre class at 6:00pm.  It’s in the same studio, so I figured I have no excuse.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I welcome them!

I will let you all know how it went after, if I am not too sore to get off the floor and type. XO