Black coffee & “the reader” !

Ah, is there anything better than Saturday morning?! I can NOT wait to drink my coffee [in bed] and catch up on ALL your posts! & comments :)) I thought about it all night while I was falling asleep.
Happy Saturday morning to you all, excited to see what you’ve all been blogging about!
Also, if you have any amazing bloggers that you recommend for me to read, comment below!!



Resistance, in more ways than one. [also, Suja advice wanted!]

Tonight I went to my fav barre [cue resistance pun 1] class, this instructor is NO joke. I absolutely love the aftermath of a class w/ her but during the class, not so much.
After a Barre class I always treat myself to a Kombucha. I lovee nourishing my body and these babies do just the trick : )) [and its better than treating my EXTREMELY fatigued muscles to sugar] I’m glad I did too because I came home and my mom had ordered Chinese food……..[cue sudden urges and little self-constraint] but not so fast! I opted out and had a delicious Boca burger w/ avocado and laughing cow cheese on top! YUM.
PS I’m hearing soo much about Suja juices….I WANT them. But, I live in MN so not sure where to find them! HELP!!





I want your snack ideas!
I am a HUGE snacker. & I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as you’re snacking on clean choices! Today I was at work & realized I didn’t have anything in my purse! How did I let that happen?!
I throw snacks in my purse, gym bag, desk, etc.
Why I love snacking:
-it keeps metabolism working ALL day.
-it helps you get all your servings in fruits and veggie! [nutrientss]
-it’s fun to get creative.
-eat less at larger meals!

Snack 1: apple before lunch [its true, teachers love apples.]
Snack 2: Cheerios w/ organic dried berries 3ish hrs after lunch
Snack 3: mini chobani w/ flax seed [while watching the Bachelor episode I missed last night!] afternoon, before second job.

Here are a few things I snacked on today, what are your favs?!

Cucumber-Infused H20 & a few mini-resolutions.


Tonight (instead of a cocktail), I am drinking H2O w/ cucumbers & apple cider vinegar in it. YUM. I LOVE my H20 w/ lemons/limes/cucumbers/etc. in it and then twice a day I put a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in it.

& for dessert: a mixed berry/coconut milk smoothie. (one of my resolutions was to cut out sweets…don’t worry, only till the end of January AND then after that I am going to modify the resolution, most likely allowing myself it every other week). I am a big believer in making MINI-RESOLUTIONS. Changing them up each month. OR making small ones for January and then adding a new one, harder one, or modifying one for the next month.


As you may have noticed, I am not having a cocktail & this is bc a mini-January resolution: no alcohol for the month of January, in Feb I will modify it but it is a way to really hit 2013 with a bang!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday!


[LOVEE these running shoes.]


What I’m loving, so far, in 2013.

Day 3 of 2013! I am having a wonderful post-workout smoothie & catching up on the blog. I’d love to hear some of my followers resolutions! 2013, so far, has been already been so wonderful. Can not wait for more!

What I am loving so far in 2013:

  • My plastic Starbucks cup, I bring a smoothie (or two) to work, verrrry important to be prepared & stay on track at all times.
  • Annie’s Cocoa & Vanilla Bunny Cookies.  Gluten Free & delicious.  One of my resolutions relates to my sweet-teeth (wah), so these are perfect for a little sweet snack.
  • My new teacher clothes (I start in two weeks!)
  • Red festive nail-polish, my new slippers, & a little post-workout smoothie/dinner since I didn’t get my workout in till 8 and didn’t want to eat something big before heading to bed in a few hours. (Smoothie: plain Chobani, frozen mango pieces, coconut milk, & flaxseed.)


[I like to be prepared at work w/ snacks]


[My cozy slippers, red nail-polish, post-workout smoothie]




[ !! ]


HAPPY 2013!

Ah! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve & is ready to start 2013 on the right foot.  I can NOT wait for this year.  I made so many changes in 2012 and got my health back on track.  Now I am going to hit it even harder & make 2013 the absolute BEST  year.  So many changes will be happening as I transition into the classroom & get settled into my new place. 

As of now, I am drinking my morning coffee and enjoying the view of my snow-covered trees.  Then, I am going shopping & am going to be getting a longg hard workout in tonight.  Also, I am going to decide my very specific New Years resolutions (with which I will share tonight).

WELCOME to all the new bloggers & to the ones I have met through 2012, I am so excited to start the New Year with you.



Happy Holidays bloggerrs!

Hi bloggerrs!

I have not blogged in about 10 days & boy do I miss it!  Things were obviously crazzy with the holidays, but I definitely was practicing verrry healthy ways in spite of all the hustle and bustle.

I worked out every day except Christmas day.  Lifetime was packed! But, it felt so good to get out and bust my butt before enjoying any holiday treats.  & they were 10x better having gotten a hard workout in.  I also ate less than I normally would (although I did let myself indulge).  And I drank ONLY a glass to 2 glasses of wine/champs each night. Usually, in the past, I would’ve let it flow.

So, I am feeling wonderful and happy as I get ready for the new year!

Right now I am catching up on here, drinking coffee, and getting ready to go out shopping.

HOPE YOU ALL HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS/or other family celebrations!

XO, mm


Turn it up Tuesday

Maybe it’s the changes that I see in my body, energy, state of mind, etc. that motivates me or maybe it is all of you wonderful fellow bloggers that just gave me the extra push, but I have NEVER been so motivated in my life.

My workouts have changed so much and I am eating crazzzy delicious, healthy, foods.  It is crazy because my body literally cravesss this food. 

Food today:

  • Grapefruit, blackberries, and 1/2 a banana for breakfast.
  • Coffee w/ coconut milk.
  • Egg white omelette filled w/ spinach and light mozzarella.
  • Green tea w/ tbls of Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Lunch was a smoothie w/ plain Chobani, mixed berries, coconut milk, flax seed, 1/2 a banana.
  • Dinner, 1/2 a turkey club on whole-wheat (no bacon, add avocado)
  • Green tea w/ tbls of Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Ran 15 minutes
  • Walked at an incline of 9 for 15 minutes
  • Squats & tons of other leg exercises in the studio
  • Then, I worked for 5 hours (cocktail waitress).  This is my part time job for some extra cash while I student teach & what I did through out college. I count it as a little light cardio :)) 


[Breakfast this morning]


[Me, cheering on my boyfriend’s baseball team! I added this in here because he is a HUGE source of my motivation. Go Irish!]


What motivates you all?!

Quit slackin’ & make shit happen!

Today is the day to get ready for new week! Get in the mindset to make it an incredible week, full of healthy decisions & productive actions! Plan, plan, plan, & then go out and make this week a HUGE success :)) Get all of your laundry done, get meals planned, workouts planned, room cleaned, etc.


How do you all prepare for the week?!