Getting festive w/ fitness.

I LOVE getting festive & Valentines Day is like the cutest holiday to get festive with. So, here is my festive post!
1. Loving the pink smoothies I made. mixed berries, carrots, coconut juice, water, pomegranate seeds, plain Chobani. In recycled bottles, of course.]
2. My pink yoga mat!
3. Pink blouse. I love blouses, and pink.
4. This quote. I LOVE life, so what better holiday to express that? :))

I’m a little sad because I won’t be celebrating w/ my lovey this Valentines Day so I need ideas ladies [and men] on what to make him! [preferably sweets.]






7 thoughts on “Getting festive w/ fitness.

  1. That quote is the background of my phone! I love it! It’s such a nice reminder to live your life for no one else but you and that is what you make of it! Love it! I LOVE pink too. I have a hot pink accent wall in my living room and my entire kitchen is hot pink… and I can’t wait to wear pink on Valentine’s Day. I’m debating whether or not that’s an excuse to wear my hot pink tutu.

    I’m making hot pink chocolate chips. I haven’t decided if I’m just going to add pink food dye or if I’m going to use strawberry cake mix and then add chocolate chips to it.

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