I want your snack ideas!
I am a HUGE snacker. & I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as you’re snacking on clean choices! Today I was at work & realized I didn’t have anything in my purse! How did I let that happen?!
I throw snacks in my purse, gym bag, desk, etc.
Why I love snacking:
-it keeps metabolism working ALL day.
-it helps you get all your servings in fruits and veggie! [nutrientss]
-it’s fun to get creative.
-eat less at larger meals!

Snack 1: apple before lunch [its true, teachers love apples.]
Snack 2: Cheerios w/ organic dried berries 3ish hrs after lunch
Snack 3: mini chobani w/ flax seed [while watching the Bachelor episode I missed last night!] afternoon, before second job.

Here are a few things I snacked on today, what are your favs?!


Night time prep! & relaxationn.

Ah, just finished getting everything ready for tomorrow [a nightly ritual]. Lemons are cut for my H2O, lunch is made & packed in fridge [along w/ a mini Chobani, & my morning smoothie is ready to be blended right before I head out the door!
Feels soo good to finally lay in bed after a longggg day and a tough Barre class tonight. My muscles are feeling very good!
How do you all relax at night?! I play solitaire & look at Instagram on my phone [maggiemmorse] but I’m thinking there could be a better way to unwind!




Get your greeeeens!

Mmm feeling extra green today. Kale/fruit smoothie for breakfast, brussel sprouts for one of my snacks, big salad for dinner.
Now I lay here reading some of my favorite blogs, as I recover from Barre class tonight, catch up on the Bachelor, & eat a mango for dessert.
I also added a pic of me in my favorite green blouse that I wore today :)





Thirsty Tuesday

As some of you know, I gave up alcohol for the month of January (& desserts besides dark chocolate). It actually has been kind of easy, so far, especially w/ the help of these drinks:
-My tea collection.
-Dark chocolate cocoa & sugar-free whipped cream.
-At happy hour, the other day, I had soda water w/ an orange slice (to mock my favorite cocktail, Stoli O & soda).



How are you all sticking to your resolutions?

Turn it up Tuesday

Maybe it’s the changes that I see in my body, energy, state of mind, etc. that motivates me or maybe it is all of you wonderful fellow bloggers that just gave me the extra push, but I have NEVER been so motivated in my life.

My workouts have changed so much and I am eating crazzzy delicious, healthy, foods.  It is crazy because my body literally cravesss this food. 

Food today:

  • Grapefruit, blackberries, and 1/2 a banana for breakfast.
  • Coffee w/ coconut milk.
  • Egg white omelette filled w/ spinach and light mozzarella.
  • Green tea w/ tbls of Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Lunch was a smoothie w/ plain Chobani, mixed berries, coconut milk, flax seed, 1/2 a banana.
  • Dinner, 1/2 a turkey club on whole-wheat (no bacon, add avocado)
  • Green tea w/ tbls of Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Ran 15 minutes
  • Walked at an incline of 9 for 15 minutes
  • Squats & tons of other leg exercises in the studio
  • Then, I worked for 5 hours (cocktail waitress).  This is my part time job for some extra cash while I student teach & what I did through out college. I count it as a little light cardio :)) 


[Breakfast this morning]


[Me, cheering on my boyfriend’s baseball team! I added this in here because he is a HUGE source of my motivation. Go Irish!]


What motivates you all?!

Coffee & coconut milk.

Happy Mondayy!

This morning I had a delicious smoothie w/ flax seed, plain Chobani yogurt, mixed berries, coconut milk, 1Truvia packet, pom seeds, 1/2 a lemon (recipe for this delicious, antioxidant filled smoothie can be found in my previous post). & coffee w/ coconut milk.

What a wonderful way to start my day!

For a snack I am having green tea w/ a splash of apple cider vinegar and grapefruit.

After I finish up on the computer (which usually takes up most of my morning), I will go workout (some abs plus cardio) & then later on tonight I am going to Hot Yoga, w/ my brother who is in town!

I am revving my workouts up these next few weeks, because it is the holidays which means; A. I have more free time B. I will be eating/drinking much more calories.

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[frozen mixed berries are ALWAYS in my freezer, I throw them in yogurt, smoothies, quinoa, or eat them plain! They go so well with coconut milk.]




[My new Lululemon headband. Cannot wait to wear at Hot Yoga tonight,]


[We made mini-pizzas last night! Mine was filled with spinach, mushrooms, olives, & green peppers (under the cheese) YUMM.]


Do more of what makes you happy.

What makes a Sunday morning so relaxing?! I just love Sundays & I love waking up and enjoying my coffee (not hungover) and feeling happy after a wonderful weekend.  As I stated in my post a few days ago, my brother is in the military and was able to come home yesterday! YAYY!

Last night we went to the Black Forest Inn, as a fam, and it was wonderful.   This place is an authentic German Inn and it is sooo cool.  When at a place, such as this, I feel it is important to indulge in the culture a little bit but still keep it under control.

Before I picked him up at the airport, I got an hour workout in and made sure to push it extra hard.  At dinner I had two glasses of German wine and had one potato pancake (there was no negotiating this one).  For dinner I had the special which was a juicy pork chop with plum sauce w/ a side of sauerkraut (only ate 1/2 and boxed the rest) & I subbed a side salad.




For the rest of the day I will relax, read your blogs, and drink coffee (& probs get a workout in). HAPPY SUNDAY!!

What do you all do on Sundays?!