Rule number 1: BE prepared.

Not only will I share my number one piece of advice, I am asking for your input too!

  • I think the number one rule of weight loss & being healthy, is being prepared and well-equiped. It is soo crucial for all aspects of your life to match up to your goals, which means being primed.
  • I always have my gym bag full with shower stuff, tennis shoes, sanitary wipes etc. AND especially a healthy snack.  Not only is my gym bag stocked with healthy snacks, my backpack, and my purse are all stocked as well.  If your backpack, purse, etc. has an apple in it and you become starving in between classes you don’t have to go to the vending machine or worse, stay hungry!
  • I keep fruit & healthy choices STOCKED because when I am sitting here blogging or watching TV, I am like everyone else who gets the munchies.  Therefore, if I were to look in the cupboard and my options were chips, or other delicious junk food, I would totally go for that.  Instead, I keep fruit and veggies & that is it (besides chobani plain, and other little things like that). If I have nothing else to choose from, that is what I will eat.

Also in the picture below, it shows a little bowl of apples and an orange, on my desk.  (Not pictured are a bunch of bananas below that on the desk).  If I am running late or in a hurry and am going to be hungry in class, or something, I will grab an apple and eat it on the way. SO EASY.

  • Besides being prepared foodwise, I am prepared with some at home workout gear (pictured below is my little make-shift gym) for those days that it is pouring rain or freezing or I just don’t want to leave the house.  I have a yoga DVD and another workout DVD but I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to the Tone It Up, youtube channel.  So many great, easy, workouts.

& one more way I love to be prepared is reading blogs and following blogs. I absolutely love reading through various health & fitness blogs.

Few more tips on being prepared:

  • If you’re going out to eat or to a party or anything where there will be temptations, eat very healthy and light prior to that AND make sure to get a good workout in.  You will feel 10x better letting yourself indulge in some hour dourves or having one too many drinks.
  • Keep inspirational pictures around.  On your phone, on your corkboard, etc. (Below the back of my old workout journal that I ripped out and put up next to my mirror.)
  • Keep water by you at ALL times. Everywhere you are, have a glass of water, a bottle of water, etc. around you.
  • PLAN your workouts out. I have a Lifetime membership and at the beginning of the week. I look through the schedule and plan what classes I will go to (Hot Yoga & Barre are absolute musts). And fill the rest of the days in with cardio.
  • Download an APP on your phone. MyFitnessPal is my favorite. Also great to know if you have a little wiggle room to indulge.

How do you all prepare?! I’d love to hear more secrets!!


[My little desk in my apartment, hard to avoid these & note the green tea right where I can see it.]


[Headphones, water bottle, workout clothes. Found on Tumblr]


[I know I posted this yesterday but it applies to this post as well!]


[Marisa Miller’s abs….will make you think twice about that donut]


[My little pumpkins…not applicable to this post but I don’t want to get rid of them yet!]



This morning, while drinking coffee & resting after my morning Barre class, I decided to dedicate a post to something that got me through my (EARLY) Monday workout.

I’m talking about that point in your run, walk, yoga session, weight lift session, step class, etc. where you go from “this is never going to end” (usually goes from 0 min to 20 min for me) & then your body (or mind) just starts moving by itself and it feels so good!

I look at the clock and realize I have gone 22 min and I’m warmed up & my body is releasing happy hormones. I feel like I could go forever!

Do you all know what I’m talking about?! When does it usually happen for you? 

How did you all start you week?!

Monday Motivation

I find it important to get to bed early on Sunday, and if you’re like me it isn’t hard after an eventful weekend. This morning I woke up feeling quite rested and started my day off with a huge bottle of water and a cup of black coffee (of course I like to add cream and flavor to it, but I like being slim better).  Next I decided the BEST way to start my week would be heading to Hot Yoga at Lifetime.

Sweating out all of the “indulgences” I indulged in this weekend and getting all loosened up for whatever this Monday would throw at me was empowering.

Do you all have any tips & tricks to start off OR end your week/weekends?



[Photo credit: Tumblr. This gives me some extra motivation during my session to push through tough moves.]

The Skinny on Cocktails.

My question, for anyone who comes across this, what are your favorite “skinny” cocktails?! (OR cocktails in general) or what do you think of cutting out alcohol to lose weight fast?

’tis the season for friends, food, and family! & if you have friends and family like mine, there will be plenty of drinks involved.  I love my share of cocktails but since November 1st I made a vow to myself. Limit drinks & implement a healthy way of drinking. I seem to go out and wake up with the worst stomach ache EVER!

My SKINNY favorites:

  1. red wine
  2. vodka/water (I LOVE Stoli O, Stoli Blueberry, or various absolut flavors). If they, don’t have flavored vodka, I ask for a fruit garnish
  3. vodka/soda (same flavors as above) with fruit garnish, lemon lime or orange (as shown in the bottom picture!)