Relaxation & a delicious [healthy] bedtime drink.

One of the pivotal moments of my day, is the time I get into bed & relax.  My muscles have worked hard & I have thought consciously about every thing I have put into my body [the coffee, the mass amts of water, & the nutrient filled foods].  All of this has taken a mental toll on my body, not including everything else that happens in a day.

Now it is time to relax, fall asleep, and let my body recover.  After all, a KEY point to weight loss AND health is getting LOTS of sleep.

My night time snack:

+ 1 green tea bag

+ steamed milk

+ 2 Truvia packets

Directions: heat milk & boil water. Let green tea bag steep. Add steamed milk and Truvia packets.

This not only curbed my sweets craving, it relaxed, warmed, and gave me some wonderful green tea benefits.

Good night fellow bloggers.