Thinsday Thursday!

Hope you are all having a fab morning! I started my morning off with some yoga (my students will appreciate my relaxed demeanor) and now am at my desk, drinking my morning coffee!


If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE to plan & making my lunches the night before, is no exception. This is a boca burger w/ avocado on top, on a bed of spinach, a whole-grain bun & laughing cow cheese, and rasp/dark choco Chobani yogurt.  YUM.



Quote I am LOVING right now. & me this am after yoga, freeeeezing here in MN.


Hope you all have a HEALTHY/thin Thursday.


Coffee & coconut milk.

Happy Mondayy!

This morning I had a delicious smoothie w/ flax seed, plain Chobani yogurt, mixed berries, coconut milk, 1Truvia packet, pom seeds, 1/2 a lemon (recipe for this delicious, antioxidant filled smoothie can be found in my previous post). & coffee w/ coconut milk.

What a wonderful way to start my day!

For a snack I am having green tea w/ a splash of apple cider vinegar and grapefruit.

After I finish up on the computer (which usually takes up most of my morning), I will go workout (some abs plus cardio) & then later on tonight I am going to Hot Yoga, w/ my brother who is in town!

I am revving my workouts up these next few weeks, because it is the holidays which means; A. I have more free time B. I will be eating/drinking much more calories.

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[frozen mixed berries are ALWAYS in my freezer, I throw them in yogurt, smoothies, quinoa, or eat them plain! They go so well with coconut milk.]




[My new Lululemon headband. Cannot wait to wear at Hot Yoga tonight,]


[We made mini-pizzas last night! Mine was filled with spinach, mushrooms, olives, & green peppers (under the cheese) YUMM.]


New place, new start, NEW ME!


Good morning blogger babess! & HAPPY Wednesday :))

I am on cloud 9 right now.  If you read my blog yesterday, you know I took my LAST final ever & was moving two hours to the Twin Cities.  I am still unpacking and getting settled in, but I am taking time this morning to enjoy the snow, drink coffee, and take in all of this happiness.

Now that I am done with college, I am going to be starting my career as a high school Bio teacher. But, I have the WHOLE next month off.  My plans:

  • Continue baking, but start using healthy substitutes! I bake a lot but have never substituted for healthy ingredients, so I am begin to research…TODAY! (Can not wait to blog about it).
  • Focus on getting in the best physical condition I can in the next month to kick start the new year, and get my body great shape that I can maintain when my schedule starts to get busy again.
  • BLOG! I am so excited to bake, cook, workout, & BLOG all about it! & keep up with all of yours!

[My first meal in the new place, was a spinach salad w/ a chicken breast & Bleu Cheese dressing, and of course some Pinot Noir to celebrate! w/ ice cubes to make me drink slower]


Relaxation & a delicious [healthy] bedtime drink.

One of the pivotal moments of my day, is the time I get into bed & relax.  My muscles have worked hard & I have thought consciously about every thing I have put into my body [the coffee, the mass amts of water, & the nutrient filled foods].  All of this has taken a mental toll on my body, not including everything else that happens in a day.

Now it is time to relax, fall asleep, and let my body recover.  After all, a KEY point to weight loss AND health is getting LOTS of sleep.

My night time snack:

+ 1 green tea bag

+ steamed milk

+ 2 Truvia packets

Directions: heat milk & boil water. Let green tea bag steep. Add steamed milk and Truvia packets.

This not only curbed my sweets craving, it relaxed, warmed, and gave me some wonderful green tea benefits.

Good night fellow bloggers.

Have you gotten your Vitamins A & C today?

I tend to choose recipes that have minimal ingredients, implications to my budget, and take little time to make!  Instead I choose recipes with maximum health benefits & flavor.

My new obsession are omelettes.  You can literally throw anything you want into them any VEGGIE into them & they will taste delicious.

Along with other groceries, I bought a carton of eggs, a package of peppers (green, yellow, & red). Spinach & shredded mozzarella. & for lunch the past few days I have been eating this omelette, FILLED with Vitamins A & C !!


[LOAD up on Spinach, it shrinks once it is cooked.]


[TIP: I like to cut my peppers up into very small pieces and throw them into the egg and milk mixture. I’m not a huge fan of peppers but love the benefits, so this way I can barely notice I am eating them.]


[After the egg and pepper has cooked for a little bit, add cheese and spinach, then cover with a lid so the steam can cook the spinach.]


[Fold over & enjoy this wonderful meal FULL of Vitamins A & C, and approx. 250 cals.]

The Skinny on Cocktails.

My question, for anyone who comes across this, what are your favorite “skinny” cocktails?! (OR cocktails in general) or what do you think of cutting out alcohol to lose weight fast?

’tis the season for friends, food, and family! & if you have friends and family like mine, there will be plenty of drinks involved.  I love my share of cocktails but since November 1st I made a vow to myself. Limit drinks & implement a healthy way of drinking. I seem to go out and wake up with the worst stomach ache EVER!

My SKINNY favorites:

  1. red wine
  2. vodka/water (I LOVE Stoli O, Stoli Blueberry, or various absolut flavors). If they, don’t have flavored vodka, I ask for a fruit garnish
  3. vodka/soda (same flavors as above) with fruit garnish, lemon lime or orange (as shown in the bottom picture!)