Balanced lunches!

I am obsessed w/ having everything planned out.  Lunch, is no exception. Everyday I eat lunch in the teachers lounge & I am definitely hungry by this time. I start my morning off with some coffee & a smoothie (usually fruit, spinach or kale, coconut milk, plain chobani, & always some other add-ins).

Here is a typical lunch for me:


[boca burger, lettuce, laughing, multi-grain bun, coffee chobani w/ dark choco chips]


[Treated myself w/ a sugar-free hazelnut latte w/ skim milk]

What do you all eat for lunch?! I need some variations. :))


3 thoughts on “Balanced lunches!

  1. So healthy! I often just take leftovers from the night before. Do you have a microwave in the teacher’s lounge? If so, you can bring soup and other hot foods like noodles and such. I’m also a big fan of sandwiches for lunch, especially sandwiches on those sandwich thins!

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