What I mean by “mini-resolutions”.


I am a big believer on making resolutions & I absolutely LOVE the New Years, because it is perfect for fresh starts!

BUT, I think it is silly to make a resolution such as, I will lose 20 lbs, I will not eat carbs, I will workout everyday. I mean come on, in August are you going to still be working out EVERY DAY?! No.

So, I make mini-resolutions.  I start w/ “I will not drink the entire month of January”. This way I REALLY get 2013 going and can cleanse my body.  Then, come February I will adjust and say I will only drink twice a week. OR I will only drink two cocktails each time. Taking it month-by-month makes it much easier.

It’s easier to start w/ something small and conquer that first.

  • January: drink 4 water bottles a day, workout 3x a week for 30 min.
  • February: drink a cup of green tea 4x a week, workout for 4 days a week or workout longer. (or maybe you have been walking/running and in Feb you kick it up a notch.
  • March: limit sweets to twice a week.

It takes 21ish days to form a habit, so think about what you can do with a month…and then the next month…

I did this last year, when I was first starting a healthy lifestyle and it truly worked! I was able to stay on track and take it one month at a time. I now drink tons of water, workout 3-5x a week, eat VERYY healthy (baby steps), and I never drink pop. (along w/ many other goals).  Now that I have formed all of those goals, last year, this year they have become even more intense.

Here are my mini-resolutions for January: no alcohol till February, no desserts till February, run 5x a week (2 miles), yoga twice a week, and then I have a few that relate to my social agenda & finances.

Do any of you do this as well?! OR do any of you have any mini-resolutions?


2 thoughts on “What I mean by “mini-resolutions”.

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