What I’m loving, so far, in 2013.

Day 3 of 2013! I am having a wonderful post-workout smoothie & catching up on the blog. I’d love to hear some of my followers resolutions! 2013, so far, has been already been so wonderful. Can not wait for more!

What I am loving so far in 2013:

  • My plastic Starbucks cup, I bring a smoothie (or two) to work, verrrry important to be prepared & stay on track at all times.
  • Annie’s Cocoa & Vanilla Bunny Cookies.  Gluten Free & delicious.  One of my resolutions relates to my sweet-teeth (wah), so these are perfect for a little sweet snack.
  • My new teacher clothes (I start in two weeks!)
  • Red festive nail-polish, my new slippers, & a little post-workout smoothie/dinner since I didn’t get my workout in till 8 and didn’t want to eat something big before heading to bed in a few hours. (Smoothie: plain Chobani, frozen mango pieces, coconut milk, & flaxseed.)


[I like to be prepared at work w/ snacks]


[My cozy slippers, red nail-polish, post-workout smoothie]




[ !! ]



4 thoughts on “What I’m loving, so far, in 2013.

  1. That smoothie looks delicious. I think I’ll make one later today:) I don’t really have any resolutions, but I plan on making my 2013 happier and healthier!

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