Happy Holidays bloggerrs!

Hi bloggerrs!

I have not blogged in about 10 days & boy do I miss it!  Things were obviously crazzy with the holidays, but I definitely was practicing verrry healthy ways in spite of all the hustle and bustle.

I worked out every day except Christmas day.  Lifetime was packed! But, it felt so good to get out and bust my butt before enjoying any holiday treats.  & they were 10x better having gotten a hard workout in.  I also ate less than I normally would (although I did let myself indulge).  And I drank ONLY a glass to 2 glasses of wine/champs each night. Usually, in the past, I would’ve let it flow.

So, I am feeling wonderful and happy as I get ready for the new year!

Right now I am catching up on here, drinking coffee, and getting ready to go out shopping.

HOPE YOU ALL HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS/or other family celebrations!

XO, mm



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