Do more of what makes you happy.

What makes a Sunday morning so relaxing?! I just love Sundays & I love waking up and enjoying my coffee (not hungover) and feeling happy after a wonderful weekend.  As I stated in my post a few days ago, my brother is in the military and was able to come home yesterday! YAYY!

Last night we went to the Black Forest Inn, as a fam, and it was wonderful.   This place is an authentic German Inn and it is sooo cool.  When at a place, such as this, I feel it is important to indulge in the culture a little bit but still keep it under control.

Before I picked him up at the airport, I got an hour workout in and made sure to push it extra hard.  At dinner I had two glasses of German wine and had one potato pancake (there was no negotiating this one).  For dinner I had the special which was a juicy pork chop with plum sauce w/ a side of sauerkraut (only ate 1/2 and boxed the rest) & I subbed a side salad.




For the rest of the day I will relax, read your blogs, and drink coffee (& probs get a workout in). HAPPY SUNDAY!!

What do you all do on Sundays?!


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