FINALLY Frrrrriday.


Hope everyone had a wonderful/healthy week & are ready for the weekennnd.

My brother is in the military & finally gets to come home this weekend (for the next 10 days) so I know I will be indulging a little on foods. His birthday is today, so tomorrow when he gets in we are going out to eat & have lots planned for the 10 days he is home.  I am going to try and make thee healthiest choices, still, and I can not wait to blog about it all.

LUCKILY, he is crazzzy fit and is my biggest workout inspiration.  We are going to be going to Crossfit (I have never been, but he is a hugee crossfit fan), cross country skiing, and other workout-type activities together and I can not wait.  Nothing like a little military in your life to rev up your workout! :))

What do you all have planned for the weekend?!


[My brother & I last time he was homee]


[Dragging him to Hot Yoga with me, “The family that sweat together, stay together!”]


[Pinkberry date with my mom last night, MUCH better than a guilty ice cream date.]



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