New place, new start, NEW ME!


Good morning blogger babess! & HAPPY Wednesday :))

I am on cloud 9 right now.  If you read my blog yesterday, you know I took my LAST final ever & was moving two hours to the Twin Cities.  I am still unpacking and getting settled in, but I am taking time this morning to enjoy the snow, drink coffee, and take in all of this happiness.

Now that I am done with college, I am going to be starting my career as a high school Bio teacher. But, I have the WHOLE next month off.  My plans:

  • Continue baking, but start using healthy substitutes! I bake a lot but have never substituted for healthy ingredients, so I am begin to research…TODAY! (Can not wait to blog about it).
  • Focus on getting in the best physical condition I can in the next month to kick start the new year, and get my body great shape that I can maintain when my schedule starts to get busy again.
  • BLOG! I am so excited to bake, cook, workout, & BLOG all about it! & keep up with all of yours!

[My first meal in the new place, was a spinach salad w/ a chicken breast & Bleu Cheese dressing, and of course some Pinot Noir to celebrate! w/ ice cubes to make me drink slower]



5 thoughts on “New place, new start, NEW ME!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and best of luck to you! :]

    One of the DIY mask-type things I like = honey aspirin mask. All you need is 4 uncoated aspirin tablets (put a drop of water on each and wait a tiny bit so you can crush it into powder) + enough honey so that you can spread it on your face. It (for me, anyway) clears up uneven skin tone, makes skin super super smooth, clears up acne (since aspirin is just salicylic acid)…basically full of awesome since it’s so easy to make and really cheap. :D! I was gonna post a recipe on that, but kinda forgot about it. One of these days!

      • Hope it’s helpful! :] I found it online a couple years ago and it’s the only one I’ve bothered to do consistently since then. The one you wrote about sounds cool though! What does the nutmeg do? (It’s the only thing I don’t have. ;_; )

      • The nutmeg, along with the honey, fight redness (anti-inflammatory) & also after while rinsing the cinnamon & nutmeg are exfoliate bc of their texture. I am sure that it would work well even if you didn’t have them!

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