New beginnings!

Hi dolllsss!

I am so excited for a few reasons today:

  1. I am taking my LAST final ever.
  2. I am packing up my apartment & moving 2 hours away to the Twin Cities.
  3. I am moving there because in January I start student teaching and starting my career as a high school Biology teacher!!
  4. I will FINALLY be back at Lifetime, where I can get back into a consistent routine of Yoga, Barre, etc.  This small town where I go to college doesn’t have many options as far as work out facilities so for the past 2 months I have been focusing primarily on cardio.

I am SO excited to have this new beginning!! 

Now I will drink my coffee & study a little more and then finish packing until my final at 330pm.  After my final, I will begin my drive!

Can not wait to blog by the fire, drinking tea, and getting cozy with the cats tonight!




6 thoughts on “New beginnings!

    • Thank you so much for the follow & the comments!! I look forward to following your blog! I love blogging and finding people who have the same goals and going through the same stuff. Thanks again & excited to be blog friends :)

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