Tequila Tues–working it off Wednesday




[A girl friend & I last night, I am on the right!]

Last night was one of my girl friend’s birthday, so we went out to eat at Mangos (a mexican restaurant in town).  Normally I don’t drink Margs (soo much sugar) but I couldn’t go to a mexican restaurant & drink vodka?! 

So, I let myself have a DELICIOUS marg & my girlfriend & I split chicken fajitas.  The portions are huge, so we always split. 

Of course after the marg came a few tequila shots at the bar & let’s just say, I’m not feeling the greatest today.  But, it was worth it and I balanced with water as much as I could or I would be a lot worse.

Today I am going to pay for it in the gym.  I had whole-wheat pasta for lunch (soaking up some of that residual Jose) & for dinner I am going to have an egg-white omelette with spinach, avocado, and some mozz. VERY low carb after last nights dinner.

How do you all recover from your indulgences?! : )


[Detox tea!]



[I know I’ve posted this before, but SUCH a good reminder when I am feeling guilty.]



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