My trick to getting rid of guilt.


If you indulge and feel guilty about it, STOP! Get up & DO SOMETHING! Do not sit around feeling disappointed and give up or say “I’ll try again tomorrow”.

Let’s face it, the weekends are usually filled with temptations.  Instead of a workout regime and scheduled meals, I am enjoying cocktails, which always leads to unhealthier food choices. But, I have decided to free myself of the guilt.  Life is short & if I want to have pizza with my girlfriends or that piece of cheesecake, I am going to & I am going to enjoy it. Then, I move on and continue with healthy choices.

BUT, I find that for me to able to move on from bad choices, like an extra slice of pizza, an extra beer, a milkshake, etc. I need to do something to balance it out.

  • Workout that day hard.
  • Hot yoga in the morning.
  • Kale smoothie as my next meal to detoxify a little.
  • Green tea or Detox tea.

Every bad choice needs to be balanced with a good one.  So today was no exception.

It was the Packer vs. Viking game and a couple of my friends were going to watch it and have bloodys. It was very fun and I didn’t pass on a few doritos and a pulled chicken BBQ sandwich. & I had a few Stoli Blueberry/waters. NOT beer or margs. And between each drink I had a water.

Then, tonight at 9pm I went to the gym………..UGH and did an hour of cardio. Now, I do not feel guilty and I am going to sleep happy to have had a fun day with friends and happy that I am sweaty and a little sore. NOT sitting here feeling like a pile of BBQ chicken. : )

Left side [morning]:  Wore purple to support my Vikings  & had a few Stoli/waters [YUM-my skinny cocktail]

Right side [later on in the night]: changed into sports bra (same jacket), threw up in bun, did an hour of cardio, & then banana smoothie.


[Left side: indulging. Right side: paying for it]



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