1/2 week update. Keep calm & keep going.

Whether this is your first week, fourth week, 18th week, etc. Check in today and gather some mental strength to KEEP going strong. Week 1,4,18,etc. is 1/2 way done, so make today count.  Make it an EXCEPTIONAL Wednesday.

I feel like this week is going incredibly slow.  Maybe because it is the week following a holiday, or maybe it’s the colder weather. (OR the anticipation for the semester to be ending.) For those of you who don’t know, I have two weeks left of my college career and then will start teaching in a Biology classroom starting in January. To say I’m excited, is an incredible understatement.

I am not a huge fan of Wednesdays, actually I think they are my LEAST favorite day of the week.

But, I will try and make the best of this day and be as productive as possible.  I just brewed some coffee and am enjoying it as we speak. We were out yesterday, which was almost unbearable to sit through classes ALL day with none.

I plan on doing some yoga here in my apartment because it is too cold to leave :) PLUS I have no reason to leave the house till 430, when I volunteer for two hours at Kids First.

So, now I will enjoy my coffee, clean, do yoga, blog, etc. until 3ish when I go get an hour of cardio in before volunteering at 430.  Tonight I will be bowling with friends, therefore, it is CRUCIAL I get that hour of cardio in at 3 because I know that a beer or two always accompanies bowling (which it should).

[LOVE my bumble and bumble sea spray. It is a crucial part to my “beauty routine” and of course a Kale smoothie]

[Breakfast: plain Chobani, Flaxseed, 1 truvia packet, and some pumpkin spice]

[Remember, if you love coffee (like me) but you can’t drink it black, use 1% milk or soy or almond and DO NOT use flavored creamers. Make your own. Pumpkin spice and Truvia are my favorite when I need some flavor]



5 thoughts on “1/2 week update. Keep calm & keep going.

  1. Sounds like we are having the same kind of Wednesday… I think your idea of going out is a good one! Perhaps a froyo date with my hubby is in order :)

    Congratulations on your job! I’m getting excited to be only 2 years out from the working world… I can’t imagine how excited you must be 2 weeks out!

    • Ah LOVE froyo! Those are my favorite nights, healthy choices together. Two years will go by fast! What are you going for?! & Thank you!! I am incredibly excited. & I will have plenty of time to blog over December with the month off :)

      • I am working on my BSN. I am finishing up my 2 years of prerequisites right now, and in January I will start my 2-year nursing school journey. I am very excited! We will also be moving to a new (much bigger) town closer to family & into a bigger apartment. Life is exciting! Best of luck to you with your transition. I look forward to reading more! :)

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