This morning, while drinking coffee & resting after my morning Barre class, I decided to dedicate a post to something that got me through my (EARLY) Monday workout.

I’m talking about that point in your run, walk, yoga session, weight lift session, step class, etc. where you go from “this is never going to end” (usually goes from 0 min to 20 min for me) & then your body (or mind) just starts moving by itself and it feels so good!

I look at the clock and realize I have gone 22 min and I’m warmed up & my body is releasing happy hormones. I feel like I could go forever!

Do you all know what I’m talking about?! When does it usually happen for you? 

How did you all start you week?!


6 thoughts on “Endorphins

  1. Sounds amazing, but somehow I never get that. I do get moments when I really want to excercise, and I feel good after the workour, but never during… Maybe I need to excercise longer haha.

  2. 22 minutes sounds about right, and I’m really feeling god by 30! I never tell myself I have to do an hour of cardio… if I did I might never go to the gym – I say at least 30 minutes, and I end up doing an hour! Sometimes you’ve gotta trick yourself :)

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