Well, it’s Sunday after Thanksgiving week.  Which means all it times to come to terms with the fact that the holiday is over and it is time to get back to reality for a few weeks before Christmas ;). I definitely eat healthy and try to stick to a routine but know that life is short and I also enjoy indulging in drinks & “unhealthy” foods here and there.

I am a HUGE cupcake fanatic, and ate about 1-2 a day this holiday… I bake cupcakes for all occasions and will be posting some of my recipes following this post (ex. Blue Moon cupcakes for a guy friends birthday & champagne cupcakes for a going away party).

Now it is time to get my body back on track.

This morning I had a skinny hazelnut latte (skim milk & sugar free hazelnut syrup) and a banana.


for lunch 1 (12ish) & lunch 2 (3ish) I had Kale smoothies. Kale smoothies are great for detoxing and cleansing your system. Not to mention all of the other AMAZING health benefits they pack.  And then I went and dragged my bum to Lifetime & did 45 min of cardio.


1 banana

A bunch of kale

1 cup of pineapple

2 cups of water

2 scoops on plain Chobani

1 Truvia packet

[Detox tea, kale smoothie.]




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