After Barre.

Tonight I posted that I would be trying my first Barre class & I would post the results.  I did an hour of Hot Yoga prior to this class, so I was a warmed up but also a little tired from that.  I thought I would be out of place, never having dance experience, but I didn’t feel at all and it was quite enjoyable to utilize the barre in this class (I felt very ballerina-ish!!).

Now as far as the effectiveness……let’s just say that I was shaking during this class, the whole class was groaning and feeling the burn together! I couldn’t believe how much my muscles were getting worked but it definitely is do-able for beginners.  As long as you’re willing to work.  I am already feeling sore and I usually am a “two-day” after kind of sore. I will definitely be doing this again MANY TIMES (if I recover).

Here a few pictures (all of which I got off the internet) but they are very similar to how my class looked tonight.

[The Barre]

[The Barre class I was in implemented a lot of different balls, which were awesome in supporting technique]


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