Monday Motivation

I find it important to get to bed early on Sunday, and if you’re like me it isn’t hard after an eventful weekend. This morning I woke up feeling quite rested and started my day off with a huge bottle of water and a cup of black coffee (of course I like to add cream and flavor to it, but I like being slim better).  Next I decided the BEST way to start my week would be heading to Hot Yoga at Lifetime.

Sweating out all of the “indulgences” I indulged in this weekend and getting all loosened up for whatever this Monday would throw at me was empowering.

Do you all have any tips & tricks to start off OR end your week/weekends?



[Photo credit: Tumblr. This gives me some extra motivation during my session to push through tough moves.]


4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I try and do the same when Sunday rolls around ; start off with a couple glasses of water, and I’m good to go ! Have a great holiday with your family and friends :))

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