Playlist Revamping

Today during my workout, I realized I was playing the same two songs on repeat to keep me fired up for the last stretch of my workout.  I decided that my task for the night, when I was drinking my tea and was curled up in bed, would be to compile a new list of songs to get me really sweating in the morning. & I can not wait to wake up!

I would LOVE some suggestions, because as of now, it seems my playlist is consisting mostly of Rihanna.

Current obsession: Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys, so perf for making me push my cardio at the very end.


4 thoughts on “Playlist Revamping

  1. Right now I’m digging “Blessed” by Tom Hangs & Shermanology (Avicii Edit), the new Calvin Harris & Swedish House Mafia Albums, “Bad” Remix by Afrojack and “We Own the Night” by Tiesto and Wolfgang Gartner.. I post all my cycling playlists on my blog and I use a lot of those songs to fuel my own cardio too :)

  2. This is a good reminder for me – I’ve been meaning to make a new playlist but haven’t yet made the time to do it! Maybe you could share your playlist? I’m always looking for good upbeat songs. I listen to country music in my down time, but its not the best for pushing through a hard workout.

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