’tis the season, to get fit

This past year I have significantly changed my health.  Since this time last year, I have stopped drinking soda (both diet & regular), stopped smoking (ew), stopped tanning (difficult), I drink tons of water & tea, I eat lots of fruits & veggies, and I am more active. AND I dropped about 20 lbs.  Although, the past few months, since being back at school (my last semester), I have sort of slacked on my healthy lifestyle. Now that I have a month left of school and the holidays are coming up, here are my new and improved goals so I can look extra fabulous!

1. Begin blogging. Check.

2. Cardio at least 5x a week.

3. Yoga at least 2x a week. I love yoga but haven’t been to a class in about 4 months. Not ok.

4. Limit carb intake, for an extra holiday slim down.

5. NO alcohol until Thanksgiving. (Except a glass or 2 of red wine).

6. NO sweets.

The last two were hard to write. But, I have read time and time again if you want to lose weight quick, before an event, cut out sugar and alcohol. So I am going to give it a try.


2 thoughts on “’tis the season, to get fit

  1. Good Luck!! I’m trying to follow some fitness goals too. It is difficult to transition from school to your official ‘job,’ that’s what I started dealing with in September. However, it sounds like you kinda know where to start and where to look too! If you have any tips, let me know! : )

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