The Skinny on Cocktails.

My question, for anyone who comes across this, what are your favorite “skinny” cocktails?! (OR cocktails in general) or what do you think of cutting out alcohol to lose weight fast?

’tis the season for friends, food, and family! & if you have friends and family like mine, there will be plenty of drinks involved.  I love my share of cocktails but since November 1st I made a vow to myself. Limit drinks & implement a healthy way of drinking. I seem to go out and wake up with the worst stomach ache EVER!

My SKINNY favorites:

  1. red wine
  2. vodka/water (I LOVE Stoli O, Stoli Blueberry, or various absolut flavors). If they, don’t have flavored vodka, I ask for a fruit garnish
  3. vodka/soda (same flavors as above) with fruit garnish, lemon lime or orange (as shown in the bottom picture!)


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