Morning Fitness Routine.

What are your favorite morning rituals!?

OR if you were like me and enjoyed being outside [during warmer weather], what are you doing instead?!

I love mornings.  There is something about waking up & starting fresh for the day that gets me motivated.  Lately, now that it is cold here in MN, I do my morning cardio inside.  I was DREADING this because I thought it’d be boring and I’d get sick of it.  Well on Monday, last week, I decided to go at 10am. I turned on the TV and The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda had just started.  I did an hour on the elliptical without getting bored! So for the rest of the week I went at 9am or 10am every day. I enjoyed this morning routine so much I continued with it this week.

Depending on the day, I woke up had a cup of coffee and a little breakfast (today was Chobani yogurt and flaxseed) and then went at 9am (Kelly & Michael) or 10am (The Today Show) to workout and watched an hour of these morning shows and burned about 500-600 calories.


[Workout buddies.]


[Chobani plain is the best choice, NO sugar added, so I add one packet of Truvia and some pumpkin spice.]


[The exterminator came bright & early this morning. Sleepy workout.]


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