Here goes nothing!


I am 22 and on the search to be in the best health I can be.  In a month, I will be transitioning out of college and into the classroom, as a Science Teacher. I LOVE reading blogs such as The Skinny Confidential, FitSugar, Skeleton You Are My Friend, and many others about health, fitness, fashion, and life.  I decided that I wanted to document my own life and health journey.

I suppose this blog, more so, gives me purpose while I am curled up in bed each night, with pumpkin spice candles burning (switching over to Christmas themed after Thanksgiving), and drinking tea.

Favorite things: holiday themed things (!!) , candles, honey, lemon wedges in my water, green tea,  black coffee, RED WINE, being outside, reading about health, science, CATS, watching The Today Show every morning while getting my cardio in (I love Kathie Lee and Hoda), my family, my wonderful boyfriend, and my fabulous friends, to do lists, planning.



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