Have you gotten your Vitamins A & C today?

I tend to choose recipes that have minimal ingredients, implications to my budget, and take little time to make!  Instead I choose recipes with maximum health benefits & flavor.

My new obsession are omelettes.  You can literally throw anything you want into them any VEGGIE into them & they will taste delicious.

Along with other groceries, I bought a carton of eggs, a package of peppers (green, yellow, & red). Spinach & shredded mozzarella. & for lunch the past few days I have been eating this omelette, FILLED with Vitamins A & C !!


[LOAD up on Spinach, it shrinks once it is cooked.]


[TIP: I like to cut my peppers up into very small pieces and throw them into the egg and milk mixture. I’m not a huge fan of peppers but love the benefits, so this way I can barely notice I am eating them.]


[After the egg and pepper has cooked for a little bit, add cheese and spinach, then cover with a lid so the steam can cook the spinach.]


[Fold over & enjoy this wonderful meal FULL of Vitamins A & C, and approx. 250 cals.]


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